Keith Gause Profile Photo

Keith Gause

CEO president

Air Force JTAC operator 2000-2005
Police officer 2005-2014
Business owner (Bounce Around Jax Party Rentals 2005-2012 sold it) 7figures from a start up
Business consulting, Wealth Management 2012-today
Tideland Consulting

Wife Deanna 18 years
Daughters Addison, 12 and Kylee 10
4 dogs

Striving to be a go giver every day.

Jan. 11, 2023

Tax Strategies & Tips To Level Up Your Finances In 2023 w/ Keith Gaus…

Greg & Kevin talk with Keith Gause, President of Tideland Consulting . Keith talks about some amazing tax strategies that individuals and businesses are not taking advantage of. He also gives his take on CPA's, and why busine...

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