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Required listening for Watersports

This is the podcast for business minded watersports people. Get actionable advice to grow your business. Also very entertaining as the jokes will fly, and Kevin is nuts 😂

Biased Review

I’m on the show so…

Required listening for Watersports

This is the podcast for business minded watersports people. Get actionable advice to grow your business.

Great insights for Watersports operators

Greg, Kevin, and guests share actionable info for any watersports operator. These episodes are filled with both quick tips and in depth conversations to start or improve your watersports operations. A must for any owner / operator!

Tremendous podcast

These guys give you an in-depth look at what you can do to expand or even start a water sports or rental business if you have any inkling of anything to do with sales this is a podcast for you.

Great Content

These guys really get into running a water sport business and keep it entertaining. Love listening.

AWG is a Game Changer!

Thank you Kevin and Greg for helping us take our buisness from the bed of a pickup to a legit dive shop! If you are in the water sports industry AWG is a priceless resource. Awkward Watersport Guys is fun, entertaining, and educational! Thanks you AWG! C.L. Kona Shore Divers Kona, Hawaii

Must listen for water sports operators

If you own or manage a water sports business, this podcast is for you.

Great Podcast for Watersports

Great mix of solid business information and fun. Greg and Kevin do a good job keeping you entertained and delivering valuable interviews and content. Nothing else out there like it!

Great Show + Info

Always some great laughs while listening to the show! Not only that, but valuable information from very smart hosts and guests makes for a great listen!

Great listen

Great resource both for those who are new to the industry, or if you’ve been living in it for years. Well worth hitting that subscribe button.

Relatable ,Informative, Hilarious

Watersports buisness experts Greg Fisher and Kevin Oniel are two selfless guys giving free advice, know how, and there own secret sauce for all things watersports. If you want to up your game, laugh, learn and be part of something bigger than just your own business then you should get on board with these two. Their weekly show brings joy, entertainment and and helps spark the creative juices for watersports operators!

What Conference ?

I’m confused ; parasail symposium ? Thanks Tim

Love these guys!

Not only is this podcast SUPER informative, giving you the “not so secret anymore” (Kevin!) insider tips and trade secrets of the watersport industry but these guys are SO fun to listen to! Not an episode goes by that I don’t find my self LOLing at the complete ridiculousness of some of the stuff that comes out of their mouths. On a serious note though, this is a great podcast for anyone already operating or looking to open a Watersports business. Thanks for sharing all this amazing information! Highly recommend!

Great content

I stumbled upon this podcast and have found it super informative and entertaining. As a new owner of a rafting/kayaking company I am enjoying listing to the past episodes. Thanks for great content!!


Excellent podcast for small businesses!