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Cali Hlavac

CEO, Sassy Tangerine Creative

I got my start in 2007 at age 22 in the Video Production world, where I’ve grown more into the social media and content creation side. I relocated to Destin, Florida in 2013 and started a 2nd video production company, as well as To Do in Destin, which is a tourism based brand where I connect with locals and visitors through social media and online. I also manage online marketing for around 15 businesses to help them organically gain traction through their social media platforms, under my brand Sassy Tangerine Creative. I love sugar, never use salt or pepper, and am an introverted extrovert - Let’s connect!

Feb. 25, 2021

The Instagram Paradigm - Growing Your Fans With Cali Hlavac From Sass…

Kevin and Greg get social with Instagram influencer Cali Hlavac , CEO of Sassy Tangerine Creative out of Destin, FL. In this episode, you'll learn about... Finding your followers through hashtags and location The Do's and Don...

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