May 17, 2023

Why Are Most Of Us Much Slower This Year? - Episode #115

Why Are Most Of Us Much Slower This Year? - Episode #115

In this insightful episode, we sit down with Steve Edwards, a seasoned expert in the travel industry and the Founder of AAMP Agency, to delve into the intriguing topic of why bookings in 2023 have been experiencing a slower pace.

Join us as we unravel the factors that have contributed to this unexpected trend and explore the underlying dynamics affecting the travel landscape. Steve Edwards, with his extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by travel businesses in the current climate.

Throughout the conversation, we explore the possible reasons behind the decline in bookings, such as shifting consumer spending, inflation, and economic uncertainties. Steve shares his expert analysis of these factors and their impact on various sectors within the travel industry.

If you're curious about the current state of the travel industry, the reasons behind the slowdown in bookings, and how industry experts like Steve Edwards are tackling these challenges head-on, this episode is a must-listen.

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Stephen Edwards

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