July 13, 2022

Acquiring a Multi-Passenger Boat Tour Business with Sean Joy, CEO of Southern Star Cruises - Episode #80

Acquiring a Multi-Passenger Boat Tour Business with Sean Joy, CEO of Southern Star Cruises - Episode #80

The AWG guys chat with Sean Joy, CEO of Southern Star Dolphin Cruises in Destin, FL, which was just recently acquired by Chenmark. Southern Star is one of Destin's longest running tour businesses in the Florida Panhandle. Sean walks us through his experience of running a large volume tour business, and his advice for what he wish he knew before jumping in!

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Sean Joy

CEO, Southern Star Dolphin Cruise

Sean is currently the CFO of Outerland, a landscaping, construction, and snow removal business servicing Cape Cod and Rhode Island. Prior to taking over as CFO at Outerland, Sean was a Vice President at Chenmark where he focused on acquisitions and FP&A support for existing portfolio companies. Prior to joining Chenmark, Sean spent 5 years at Ares Management primarily in the restructuring group of Ares Capital Corporation. At Ares, Sean focused on turning around and selling control positions, which were taken over by Ares Credit through either a debt-to-equity conversion or a portfolio acquisition. Sean worked directly with senior management teams of companies in a wide range of industries from consumer products, to pharmaceuticals, to industrial recycling to stabilize cash flow and turn around performance before a sale process. Sean holds a B.S. in Finance as well as a B.S. in Economics and an M.S. in Economics all from Lehigh University.