Marica Brewster

CEO, Von Mack Agency

Marica Mackenroth Brewster is an award-winning marketer who excels at helping tourism businesses grow. As founder and CEO of The Von Mack Agency, her work in creating a woman-led, USA based marketing agency to serve travel niches worldwide set off headlines in Yahoo Business and Travel Daily News. Brewster's disruptive 19 years in industry includes posts as founder of the #TourismStrong volunteer collective, time as CEO USA of Tomahawk Tourism, and designation in New Orleans City Business’s “Women of the Year” award class. She can be found speaking by invitation as an Arival Expert, to classes at Tulane University, UNO, and Tripschool, and partnering on bespoke workshops for the Louisiana Travel Association and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Attractions Association.

Feb. 11, 2021

Understanding Facebook's Privacy Debacle with Marica Brewster From Vo…

Many operators use Facebook as a means to advertise to their customers. However, a recent iphone update could change the way you …

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